Group Makes Recommendations For Federal Budget Expected To Help Wood Buffalo

The Federal Government is getting multiple recommendations on their upcoming budget from a group that includes a local representative.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities, which Councillor Krista Balsom is a board member, announced on Wednesday their ideas to help improve the lives of residents across the country.

They include filling gaps in northern housing, uniting western community leaders to find solutions for struggling municipalities, and working to strengthen infrastructure, transportation and access to key services.

Councillor Krista Balsom, who represents Alberta on the FCM board, says Wood Buffalo, specifically, will benefit greatly if these recommendations are followed.

“We’re offering solutions everyone can get behind and we are putting forward concrete climate action that builds better lives across the country.”

“Our public transit solutions mean faster commutes and lower emissions. Our disaster mitigation and climate adaptation solutions include protecting communities from the impacts of new weather extremes. We want to do more for Canadians and we’re looking to Budget 2020 to deepen our municipal-federal partnership,” Balsom added.

You can view the full report from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities on their website.

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