Coronavirus Risk Remains Low in Alberta, Chances High It Will Come To Province

The risk of coronavirus across the province continues to remain low.

That’s according to Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, who notes there are still no cases of the illness in the province.

However, more and more Canadians continue to be diagnosed.

Speaking to reporters, Hinshaw says there is a good chance we will see the virus in the province.

“We are ready for that to happen, we’ve been preparing the health system and again advising Albertans to build these habits like regular hand washing, staying home while sick.”

To lower the risk of the illness potentially spreading, the province is asking people who’ve just come back from Iran within the last 14 days to voluntarily isolate themself for at least two weeks.

Hinshaw adds this is a drastic measure that needs to be taken.

“We know that asking people to stay at home for two weeks has a serious impact on them and those around them, so it’s a decision we don’t take lightly and it’s one that we are using the best available evidence to make that particular recommendation.”

Moving forward, anyone who feels under the weather is asked to stay at home.

Those who are experiencing fever symptoms most likely have influenza but should visit a doctor as soon as possible.

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