Alberta Appeal Court Rules in Favour of Province Over Federal Carbon Tax

The Alberta Court of Appeal is ruling in favour of the province against the federal government’s federal carbon tax.

In a 4-1 vote, they concluded the legislation is unconstitutional and interferes with Alberta’s jurisdiction.

“The federal government is not the parent, and the provincial governments are not its children,” the court’s ruling read.

During a press conference, Premier Jason Kenney said the argument was never about emissions but rather who got to oversee the decision-making.

“We agree with the need to reduce emissions from across our economy and our energy sector but we must be allowed to do it our own way.”

The Liberals argued their plan is expected to eliminate between 80 to 90 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by 2022. They add this would be like taking around 26 million cars off the street for a year.

“We disagree with Ottawa that a one-size-fits-all consumer tax that punishes families for heating their homes or driving to work is the best way to reduce emissions,” added Kenney.

Last year, the GoA introduced its potential replacement of the carbon tax – a TIER system.

Meanwhile, Kenney noted they will be using this ruling to help Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Quebec as they continue to fight the tax in the Supreme Court of Canada.

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