Fort Chipewyan Winter Road Limit Increasing To 40,000 Kg

The load limit is increasing for the Fort Chipewyan Winter Road.

The municipality announced on Friday that the limit has been increased to 40,000 kg.

If you have a vehicle weighing more you’re asked to stay off the road until the limit increases.

Heavier vehicles could damage the road, cause safety hazards, or delays in reaching bigger load limits once the ice thickens.

You’re also being reminded to drive to conditions and follow all posted signage to avoid putting yourself and others at risk of a serious incident.

There are no regular services like road patrol, gas stations of cell phone coverage, so always be prepared for emergencies.

Drivers are also being reminded that crews are working on a different method to freeze the road faster by spraying water into the air.

Motorists are being asked to drive with extra caution when going past one of these flooding areas.

All changes to the load limits will be announced by the RMWB.

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