Province Allowing Fort McKay Métis To Directly Consult on Industry Projects

The Fort McKay Mtis Community Association will now be allowed to consult directly with industry regarding projects around the community.

The provincial government announced on Thursday they’ve granted credible assertion to the community for resource development.

They are the first Mtis group in Alberta to reach this milestone.

Fort McKay President Ron Quintal tells Mix News they’ve been working over the past three years to get this done.

“What it does is put an exclamation mark on the fact that communities should be the ones consulting on their own behalf and I think it’s a path forward for other communities to follow.”

Back in May 2019, the Mtis Nation declared self-governance and separated from the Mtis Nation of Alberta.

During the announcement, the group showcased their own constitution.

However, the MNA was still able to consult with industry on behalf of Fort McKay until this recent decision.

Quintal says this solidifies the fact that the Fort McKay Mtis Nation is its own separate entity.

‘The trajectory of where we’ve gone from when we self-declared has been amplified with this, I mean, the fact of the matter is we’re doing things and we’re building something that’s never been done, it’s unprecedented.”

Mtis Nation Of Alberta ‘Appalled’ By Decision

The MNA is calling the announcement ‘appalling’ and shocking.

In a release, MNA President Audrey Poitras says they aren’t going to sit on this decision.

“We will not allow the Alberta Government to unilaterally divide the Mtis Nation for its own agenda,” she said.

“The MNA is the government for the Mtis Nation within Alberta. We will not let governments divide and conquer our Nation.”

Poitras added this undermines the organization’s elections that happen every four years.

The MNA is also planning on reviewing every option to challenge Alberta’s decision.

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