ATV Ride Expected To Raise Around $15K For Soup Kitchen

Two men’s trip to Yellowknife on their ATV’s is helping the NorthLife Fellowship Baptist Church continue to support the less fortunate in the community.

Ken Krahn and Hans Zundel finished their six-day trip to the Northwest Territories on Sunday as they were looking to raise funds for the Church’s soup kitchen.

Krahn tells Mix News they’re still collecting some last-minute donations but they’re hoping to collect around $15,000.

“They provide 45 to 50 meals a day, five days a week and that adds up to a lot of money. They get support from other places but we figured we could do the ride and that would help them out.”

This was the 13th time the ride has taken place.

In previous years, they supported the Centre of Hope. Overall, they were able to raise around $120,000 for the organization.

Krahn says they wanted to turn their attention to the soup kitchen this year as many don’t notice the work they do.

“They’ll take anybody whether you have a job or homeless – I believe we needed to help them.”

The two are planning to continue the ride next year.

“We’re gonna get together in a couple of weeks and discuss what we’re going to do next year,” added Krahn.

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