Report: Investment in Canada’s Energy Market Expected To Increase by $2B in 2020

Capital spending in Canada’s energy market is expected to massively increase in 2020.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers is forecasting a rise in investment of around $2 billion.

CAPP believes capital investment will be around $37 billion, up from the $35.1 billion they estimated at this time last year.

This would be the first time in five years the oil and gas sector would see an increase in spending.

They note the rise in rail shipment, new oil drilling without a restriction on production, Saskatchewan’s planned increase in their production, and Alberta’s job creation tax are the main reasons for the jump.

“Investors are seeing some positive activity in the industry right now, and it’s important that all levels of government show a commitment to Canada’s energy industry and the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who work in the industry,” said Tim McMillan, President and CEO, in a release.

“We need policies and action that keep us moving ahead – making us competitive, completing projects, and getting Canada’s responsibly produced energy to global markets.”

CAPP also believes additional pipeline capacity is on the way between Trans Mountain, Keystone, and Line 3.

These pipelines are expected to help increase the amount of crude the country will be able to ship across the globe.

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