Council Votes Against $3.5M Funding For Rotary Club’s Golf Course

Wood Buffalo council is voting against the Rotary Club of Fort McMurray’s request for funds for their golf course.

The group was asking for $3 million to help finish their 18 hole course, while requesting an additional $500,000 to help cover their deficits.

Councillor Verna Murphy brought forward a motion against the funds with council voting in favour 6-2. Councillors Mike Allen and Keith McGrath voted against, while Phil Meagher, Jeff Peddle, and Krista Balsom were not in attendance.

Speaking to reporters, Murphy says this was a tough decision that needed to be made.

“To invest more money at this time didn’t make sense if we’re already subsidizing Miskanaw and we’re seeing Thickwood increasing their fees there as well.”

Back in 2015, the municipality had provided over $6.2 million so the Rotary Club could construct the course. Due to the economic times, they were only able to finish 9 holes.

Allen feels, with this outcome, providing the previous funds will be seen as a waste of money.

“Are we gonna look back and say ‘man I wish we completed this golf course so we had more opportunities in the community.’”

However, Murphy argued there was no certainty the additional funds would help them finish and becoming a self sustaining course.

“$3 million, is that going to finish it, I’m not getting a guarantee that would finish the 18 holes because the last request that came was supposed to finish the 18 holes.”

No one from the Rotary Club spoke at Tuesday’s meeting.

Mix News reached out to the group, however, they didn’t want to comment at this time. They did mention they would be looking at the numbers to see if the course will be able to keep its doors open.

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