RCMP Hand Out Several Distracted Driving Charges on Highway 63

You’re being reminded to drive with extra caution on Highway 63 through Grassland.

Boyle RCMP spent a day last week watching over the community’s school zone which is off the highway.

In just seven hours, they handed out 27 charges.

The majority of the charges were for distracted driving, many of which were on their cellphones.

People caught on their phones were given a $287 fine and lost three demerit points.

“It was alarming to see how many people were driving through this school zone while distracted,” said Sheriff Matthew Butcher, in a release.

“Distracted driving is dangerous no matter where it occurs, but the risk increases significantly when you add a school zone and pedestrians to the mix.”

Motorists are being asked to slow down and keep an eye on the road when driving down from Fort McMurray or returning to the community.

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