Warm Temperatures Expected For Rest of Week

You better soak up the sun while you have a chance this week.

Environment Canada is forecasting warm temperatures for the next couple of days after the community dealt with extreme cold warnings over the past few weeks.

Meteorologist Dan Kulak tells Mix News this stretch of warm temperatures is a bit unusual.

“The average daytime high for this time of year for the Fort McMurray area is about minus 13 and even in our seven-day forecast we have nothing that’s below that – it’s not really the summer but it might feel like summer relative to what we had last week.”

Fort McMurray will see the high hover around zero after previously hitting -40.

Kulak says, despite the warm weather, there’s a good chance we could see freezing temperatures again soon.

“Take a week like this when you can if you’re not a fan of the cold weather and if you are a fan of the cold weather then you can probably be comfortable sleeping knowing it’s only the latter part of January and there’s a lot of winter to get through.”

The temperature is expected to dip down again next week.

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