Province Thrilled With Supreme Court Ruling On Trans Mountain Pipeline

Efforts by British Columbia to block the Trans Mountain Pipeline have been quashed.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed the appeal by the government of British Columbia on the expansion project in a unanimous decision.

The court ruled the B.C. government does not have the constitutional authority to stop Trans Mountain through delay, uncertainty and future litigation.

Shortly after the ruling, Premier Jason Kenney tweeted his support of the decision, calling it a win for Alberta.

Statements were also made by Alberta’s Minister of Justice Doug Schweitzer as well as Energy Minister Sonya Savage

In a press release, Schweitzer says he’s pleased with the decision.

“By ensuring that B.C. must respect the federal government’s rigorous process in approving TMX, this outcome will have major ramifications for the project and its profound importance to Albertans and all Canadians.”

Speaking to reporters, Sonya Savage considers the ruling a big victory for the province.

“Because the world needs more energy, the demand for oil and gas is growing across the world and there is no country in the world who is better positioned to meet that growing demand.”

Savage notes this sends a clear and powerful message to investors that Alberta is open for business.

“Had the B.C. government won in this case, what that would’ve allowed is different sets of regulations across every province in the country to regulate the flow of oil in a Federally regulated pipeline. So, this will bring back predictability and certainty.”

There are still some hurdles though.

Some indigenous communities in the path of construction have also filed a legal challenge against the project.

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