Fort McMurray Woman Facilitating Workshop Helping Individuals Become Their Best Selves

A Fort McMurray woman is looking to help you reignite your spark.

Local author, Carla White is looking to help you breakthrough to a whole new level of success in 2020 – through her “Reignite Your Spark For Success” workshop.

The event will help attendees gain insight into how they can live their best life possible.

White tells Mix News she’s hoping to help people overcome mental blocks so they can gain the confidence to achieve any goal.

“All the successful people in the world, none of them got to where they are without making mistakes, having challenges and overcoming obstacles. Those are the things that make you stronger, overcoming those challenges.”

The event also looks to help give you tools and techniques to help you thrive through change, stress and adversity.

White notes it’s a good chance to take a day for yourself and reconnect with what matters most to you.

“We have this tendency to get caught up in the ‘what’s not working’ rather than the ‘what is working’, so, we don’t recognize when we are actually doing good. So, that’s some of it to – teaching a resilience model so that you are able to pick yourself up.”

White says the focus is to help promote powerful growth work, sparking life-altering transformations to help individuals activate their true potential.

She adds she’s hoping to help individuals with their blueprint for success.

“We’ve set goals for losing weight, or doing something with our business, or helping relationships and our thoughts and beliefs and emotions get in the way because we don’t have a system to reach those goals. So, we tend to beat ourselves up.”

You can get a ticket to the workshop by clicking this link.

The event takes place at the Wood Buffalo Regional Library on January 22 from 9:15 a.m. to 4 p.m. and seating is limited.

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