Some Other Solutions Seeing Increase In Need Across Community

Some Other Solutions is continuing to see a big increase in the number of people accessing their services.

In 2019, they helped over 3,400 clients through their different programs.

The organization didn’t have the exact number from previous years but noted last year’s totals were much higher.

SOS Executive Director Jason King tells Mix News many are struggling with the same issues.

“Common theme we’re hearing now is ‘it’s life, life is heavy’ and of course in the community, we see what’s happening around us with the downturn in the economy and people still struggling from the trauma of the fire.”

Despite the numbers being up, King doesn’t believe this is all bad news.

He suggests a big reason for the increase is simply understanding that there’s help available.

“People do realize that it’s okay to ask for help and they know there’s help out there, prior to the fires I’m not sure how much people realized was available in this community.”

SOS’s numbers are expected to increase in 2020.

This after the organization announced they were expanding their services following the closure of Borealis Counselling.

If you or someone you know is struggling, you’re encouraged to reach out to SOS or another counselling service in the community.

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