Over $1M Spent Through Chamber of Commerce’s Passport Program

Over $1 million was spent in the community during the 2019 Shop Local Passport Program.

The program, put on by the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce, encouraged residents to get a ‘passport’ at participating businesses and receive stamps on them for every $10 spent.

After a passport received 10 stamps, it would be put into a draw for prizes with the resident being encouraged to start over again.

From November 12 – December 24, 12,000 passports were handed out with around 8,000 being completed and given to the Chamber of Commerce.

Through the finished passports, the Chamber was able to determine that around $800,000 was spent at participating businesses, however, they believe the number is closer to $1 million due to the 4,000 passports that we never handed in.

This is a major increase from the $450,000 that was spent in 2018.

A total of 62 businesses took part in last year’s program, up from the 24 the year before.

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