63 Canadians Killed In Iran Plane Crash

A plane crash in Iran is claiming the lives of 63 Canadians.

The Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 crashed on Tuesday, near the Iranian Capital of Tehran, killing 176 passengers.

Of the Canadians killed, many were reportedly from Alberta.

“Alberta has been enriched by a small but dynamic and highly educated Iranian community,” said Premier Jason Kenney, in a release.

“This is a terrible day for them, and I am sure that all Albertans join with me in expressing our condolences to the entire community, which is affected by this disaster.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also sent out a statement, noting the Government of Canada would help in investigating the crash.

“Our government will continue to work closely with its international partners to ensure that this crash is thoroughly investigated and that Canadians’ questions are answered. Today, I assure all Canadians that their safety and security is our top priority. We also join with the other countries who are mourning the loss of citizens.”

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