Fort McMurray Woman Expecting Full Recovery After Community-Funded Brain Surgery

A Fort McMurray woman is recovering after undergoing brain surgery.

Lasha Barbosa recently traveled to Houston where she went under the knife to remove a tumor on her pineal gland.

She was able to afford the $130,000 surgery after receiving donations from different community members and businesses.

In the months before, Lasha was unable to fully walk and talk, while also experiencing other symptoms.

She tells Mix News she started to a notice a big difference shortly after the surgery.

“I was out of my wheelchair walking within the first two weeks out of surgery, no vertigo, I was talking, I was gaining eyesight back in my right eye.”

Despite being able to afford the surgery, there was only a 60 per cent chance Lasha would survive.

She wasn’t allowed to book it until her will was made.

Lasha and her husband Christopher decided to take a road trip before her surgery, doing everything Lasha wanted.

Christopher says they adopted the mindset of any day being someone’s last.

“We just sort of took that school of thought where you go and make the best out of every single day, love everyone you possibly want to love… just make everything as happy and joyful as possible and enjoy every moment.”

It’s now five months since Lasha had her surgery.

The doctors say she’ll make a full neurological recovery with it expected to take between 1-3 years.

“Big thank you to everybody in Fort McMurray for saving my life… coming back home was amazing,” added Lasha.

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