Mild Winter Solstice Foreshadows Mild Start To Season For RMWB

With the Winter Solstice upon us, it looks like we can expect a milder than usual weekly forecast.

That’s according to Environment Canada who is predicting temperatures just below the sub-zero mark all through this week.

On average, the daytime high for this time of year is around -12 degrees with the nighttime low hovering around -23.

However, Senior Meteorologist Stephen Vallee tells Mix News we won’t see much of a shift in temperatures between night and day.

“For this Christmas week, your nighttime lows will be as warm as your daytime highs and therefore your nighttime temperatures will be warmer than normal.”

Vallee notes the warmer weather can be attributed to airflow coming from the southwest – rather than the north.

“Instead of coming from the arctic, the flow is coming from the west and southwest and so we’re getting warm air from the Pacific Ocean and moving into the Prairies which is why we are getting this warm trend.”

The good news is Vallee says we likely won’t see frigid or extreme cold weather return until the New Year.

He also cautions those who are travelling to dress according to the conditions and be prepared in case of emergencies.

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