DNA Test Reunites Fort McMurray Woman With Birth Mother

A Fort McMurray woman, who was adopted as a child, has found her birth family just in time for Christmas.

Cora Dion recently decided to take a DNA test through the company ’23 and Me,’ and through it, discovered the identity of her birth mother.

After years of not knowing, she tells Mix News it’s the greatest gift she could’ve asked for.

“My adopted mother passed away coming on 16 years ago so, that was a huge loss. And now, it’s just so surreal that I have a mom again. I don’t really know how to put it into words and that’s pretty rare for me.”

Dion notes she is unsure of what type of relationship she expects to have with her family but hopes it will be a positive one.

She says she is just looking forward to what lies ahead.

“She explained her situation as to why she did what she did and that her hopes were that I had a great upbringing, which I assured her I did. As I said, it’s been a crazy journey but it’s only just beginning.”

According to Dion, her family is based out of Prince George, British Columbia.

She says the next steps will be setting up a meet.

“I’m hugely emotional about this. I have a half-sister and brother who’ve been looking for me. They’ve always known I was out there and have even attempted to look for me in the past but kept getting roadblock after roadblock from Alberta adoption.”

Dion says she can’t wait to embark on this whole new world she’s discovered.

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