Fort Chipewyan Winter Road To Officially Open Thursday

The Fort Chipewyan Winter Road officially opens tomorrow morning.

The RMWB announced as of tomorrow, that the road will be open to light traffic of 5,000 kg and lower.

Motorists with vehicles heavier than that wait are asked to avoid the road until load limits have increased.

Overly heavy vehicles could damage the road causing safety hazards or delays in reaching heavier load limits.

The RMWB says crews have prepared an alternate route and ice crossings in certain areas to ensure the road is safe and accessible for lighter vehicles.

As there are still workers, equipment and motorists on the road, drivers are asked to stay on the right side of the road.

When passing equipment, drivers are asked to reduce their speed to 30km/hour.

There are no regular services like road patrol, gas stations, or cell phone coverage so the RMWB is reminding you to be prepared for emergencies.

Load limits are expected to increase as work on the road continues and the ice thickens.

Updates will be provided regularly on the municipality’s website and through social media.

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