Man Arrested After Downtown Business Robbed

A man has been arrested after an alleged armed robbery at a downtown business.

The man reportedly entered Popeye’s Supplements on Monday where he stated he was armed and demanded money from the register.

Owner Brad Malley tells Mix News his employee was told by the man that he intended to turn himself in right away.

He believes the man may have been homeless and was looking to get off the street.

“Probably wants to spend the winter indoors, not going to be in the minus 30 to minus 40 over the winter time here.”

An undisclosed amount of money was taken from the register.

Malley says this is a slight setback to his business.

“December for us is typically the toughest month of the year and the economy is down a little bit, so this is kind of a kick to the backside.”

In an email, Wood Buffalo RCMP confirmed they were called to Popeye’s Supplements and have arrested the individual who remains in custody.

Malley adds he was more frustrated than angry and hopes the man gets help if needed.

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