Fort McMurray Woman Looking To Track Down Local “Heroes” After Emergency Situation on Highway 63

A Fort McMurray woman is looking to track down her ‘heroes’ after an emergency situation on Highway 63.

Cynthia Simpson was traveling back to the community on Sunday when she started having a kidney stone attack.

Unable to drive, she pulled into a rest stop and asked four boys if they could drive her to the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre.

Two of the boys jumped into her car while the others followed in their vehicle behind.

Simpson tells Mix News one of the boys sat right behind her and helped comfort her while she was struggling.

“And he just kept asking me questions… he just kept my mind off the pain, so it took a lot away from the pain by him doing that.”

When they arrived at the hospital, the four boys helped her into the hospital and stayed with her until she was admitted.

After she was allowed to go home, Simpson says all she could think about was the four individuals.

“They went over and above just to walk me in the hospital and be there and rub my back. I just want to thank their parents for raising such respectable young adults.”

Unfortunately, Simpson forgot their names. She’s now reaching out to the public to help find her heroes.

“Out of a bad situation came something so beautiful,” added Simpson.

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