Scott Calling Out “Bullying” After Receiving Threat Targeting Wife’s Illness

A personal threat to Mayor Don Scott is leaving a bad taste in his mouth.

He went to social media on Sunday where he shared a letter that was sent to him claiming his wife was faking having an illness.

According to Scott, his wife has been dealing with personal health issues for the past couple of months.

Speaking on Fort McMurray Matters, he says this letter went way too far.

“I receive threats all the time but this was a little bit different, it talked about my wife. The problem with all this is what I see is the effect on my kids.”

The letter also suggests the illness was made up to take attention away from an incident involving Councillor Keith McGrath.

A report by the RMWB’s Integrity Commissioner noted Scott had used physical force against McGrath during an in-camera meeting back in June.

Moving forward, Scott is hoping to use this threat as a message to stand up against bullying.

“If I have a young person and talk to them about being bullied and reaching out to others, then I think I should be doing the same thing,” he added.

Scott has also personally hired a lawyer and has reached out to Wood Buffalo RCMP.

However, the Mounties wouldn’t confirm whether they’re investigating the situation.

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