Municipality Looking At Costs For Floatplane Festival

The municipality is looking into the costs to host a floatplane festival.

Wood Buffalo council approved having administration look into the overall feasibility of the event at their meeting on Tuesday.

Mayor Don Scott brought up the idea during budget deliberations in November.

Speaking to reporters, Scott says floatplanes play a big part in Wood Buffalo’s history.

“He have a huge, huge pioneering history with floatplanes in this region, although you wouldn’t necessarily know that now because the times have changed, but it’s a part of our history and it’s something to be celebrated.”

In the past, the Snye River became a commonly used landing spot for many planes. The first known landing was made by a Vickers Vedette in 1923.

According to the municipality, by 1932 the area had become the busiest water-based airport in Canada.

“We’re the ones that really should have this at the forefront of our community because we’re the ones who really pioneered it – that’s how this region was pioneered, through floatplanes and the efforts of many people,” added Scott.

Along with the festival, Scott believes an art piece should be created and signage put up along the waterways.

Council is expected to hear back from administration during the first quarter of 2020.

-With Files from Brandon Piper

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