AMA Provides Tips On Winter Driving Safety

With winter practically upon us, the Alberta Motor Association is providing safety tips for drivers.

Snow and icy roads can lead to dangerous conditions for drivers and AMA wants to ensure you’re road ready if you’re planning on making any trips.

Manager for Driver Education at AMA Ryan Lemont tells Mix News there are lots of ways to stay safe on the roads this winter.

“Drive a little bit slower, Lemont said. “Give yourself lots of room between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. We typically say about a three-second buffer but in adverse weather conditions, you may want to increase that to 4-5 seconds, depending on conditions.”

Lemont notes if you’re going on a longer trip, to bring a winter kit along with you with anything you may need in case of emergency.

“We found two-thirds of Albertans don’t carry a winter kit with them. So, make sure before you head out to stock it up with whatever you may need, maybe booster cables, a nice warm blanket and always have food or water.”

Lemont adds it’s also important to clear your lights and windows of any snow and to ensure you are leaving enough space for other traffic.

“Your headlights and your windows should be clear before you head out. Also, make sure you turn your headlights on. It’s still getting quite dark out there and we don’t have as much daylight as we are used to so, not only to help yourself but so other drivers can see you too.”

You can check road conditions and find more winter driving tips on AMA’s website.

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