“It’s a Safety Issue” Province Working On Fixing Lighting Concerns on Highway 63 in Near Future

Concerns are once again being raised about the lack of lights on Highway 63 around Fort McMurray.

Drivers note traffic lights along the road haven’t been working for multiple years, especially between downtown and the Confederation Interchange.

Kelly Koban, who drives on this section multiple times a week at night, tells Mix News this is a serious safety issue that needs to be addressed.

“There’s hardly any lighting in that section of the road at all and with the lanes not being very well marked it’s pretty difficult to see where the road is and where your lane is.”

In an email sent to Mix News, the province says they’ve been working to fix the issue, however, some areas still need additional resources.

They add they expect a contractor at the Confederation interchange in the next two weeks to determine the extent of work needed and when it could possibly start. ATCO will be reviewing the rest of the lights throughout this month.

“I don’t understand how it’s not been dealt with years ago – it’s quite frankly mind-boggling,” added Koban.

She also believes the GoA needs to show the same level of support for the local highways that they do across the rest of the province.

“I encourage other people who are concerned about this to just apply a little bit of pressure and maybe we can finally get this dealt with and have the level of services that other cities in the province seem to have.”

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