Father Turcotte Initiative Aiming For One Million Minutes of Wellness Throughout School Year

Students, teachers, and staff at Father Turcotte School are undertaking an ambitious goal throughout the rest of the school year.

On Monday, they announced at the Fort McMurray Catholic School District’s Board Meeting they’re aiming for one million minutes of wellness by June.

The goal is to help support mental, physical, and spiritual health among the community.

Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees Anthony Hoffman tells Mix News this unique idea should help students understand the importance of building a strong relationship with everybody.

“To build the habits in the students so it’s something they can continue on throughout their lives is really heartwarming to see and the students are really excited about it.”

Each class will have their own WIG, which stands for widely important goals, in which they’ll look to fill with minutes of good tasks.

By June, the school is hoping to have all their WIG’s filled with at least one million minutes.

“When you break it down and you realize that it’s a school goal and what can we do this month and this week and then today, you see the daily goal isn’t actually overwhelming and it becomes an incredible sort of learning tool to teach dreaming big and thinking big,” added Hoffman.

If Father Turcotte succeeds, they plan on having a Colour Fun Run to celebrate.

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