RMWB Gives Green Light To Continue Photo Radar Program

It looks like photo radars and red-light cameras are here to stay.

On Tuesday, council voted against a motion made by Councillor Keith McGrath that would see the discontinuance of ATE technology – otherwise known as photo radar, in our region.

Following debate, the motion was denied 7-2 – with only McGrath and Councillor Bruce Inglis voting in favour of it.

Mayor Don Scott tells Mix News most of council believes this program does have a positive impact on safety.

“Very evident by statistics that were provided so, I was happy about that. There was a lot of passionate debate, which is how it should go, and it was exciting but, in the end, we want to keep people safe in the region.”

The motion was denied after several councillors voiced concerns about how safety would be impacted if the program were eliminated.

Councillor Verna Murphy called the motion ‘a waste of administration’s time,’ saying that instead of eliminating the program, they should instead look to use it to enhance safety in school zones.

Councillor Keith McGrath (left) makes his motion at Tuesday’s council meeting. Photo by: Brandon Piper//Harvard Broadcasting

A concurring Mayor Scott feels the benefits seemingly outweigh the risks.

“If that’s what this technology achieves, then that’s where it is at. I want to see school zones protected in this region. Everyone wants their young people safe and I think that was an overwhelming message we heard tonight.”

As for the next steps, Scott says they’ll be looking at the busiest intersections to try and see where ATE technology can best be utilized in the region.

“We do have a new contract that’s been issued that was discussed tonight and they will look at locations. This is something that’s very positive. We want to keep young people safe in the region and we want to keep everyone safe.”

The decision comes after the province placed a temporary freeze on new photo radar technology.

The government of Alberta says it plans to consult municipalities and police about the program’s future.

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