Appeal Board Upholds Decision Against Proposed Landfill Around Conklin

A decision to not issue a development permit for a landfill is being backed by an appeal board.

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board is upholding the municipality’s decision regarding Secure Energy Services’ proposed industrial landfill in the Conklin area.

This after holding a public hearing in Jubilee Plaza back in October.

The landfill would have been around two km southwest of the rural hamlet and store non-hazardous material coming from on-site projects.

Twenty-two people, 21 of which live in Conklin, spoke at October’s hearing against the landfill.

“The Board favours the oral evidence of the speakers which outlines the impact of the proposed development,” the written decision read.

Many outlined concerns the project would have on the land, water, and their quality of life.

Speaking to reporters at October’s hearing, Jennifer Cardinal said she was worried the landfill would take the most important thing from the residents.

“The only reason I like to live out there is because of the land – there’s nothing else that triggers me to live there but the land, we live off of it.”

In defense, Secure Energy noted they had plans in place to reduce the impact on the community.

Meanwhile, the Conklin Resource Development Advisory Committee added they were more against the location rather than the actual project.

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