Council To Consider Termination Of Photo Radar Program

Photo radars and red-light cameras in the RMWB could soon be a thing of the past.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, councillor Keith McGrath brought forward a notice of motion to examine the possible discontinuance of ATE technology, which includes but isn’t limited to photo radar.

A report is expected to be brought back to council at their next meeting to consider the program’s termination.

Speaking on Fort McMurray Matters, Mayor Don Scott says the program has had minimal impact on traffic safety.

“There was a report written and it was fairly obvious that there was not a huge benefit to safety, but it was considered to be a ‘cash grab’ by the authors of that report in many instances.”

Back in February, the provincial government announced they were ensuring these systems were used for safety – and not as a cash grab.

Since very little profit is made by the municipality, Scott says it doesn’t make sense to continue to enforce this.

“It does go towards programs in the region. Unfortunately, as you’ll see when the report comes back to council, we have not been able to do that because we’ve not been making money. So, it’s problematic in this region.”

Council’s seeking the public’s input on the report at their next council meeting on November 26.

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