McMurray Métis Recognize Louis Riel Day, Hundreds of Students in Attendance

Hundreds of students were at Shell Place learning more about Mtis culture.

The McMurray Mtis held a celebration on Friday commemorating the life of Louis Riel who was executed in 1885 for defending the Mtis way of life.

The event also coincided with Mtis week which is being recognized from November 12 – 17.

CEO of the McMurray Mtis Bill Loutitt tells Mix News it’s important kids know what Riel did for the Mtis and for Canada.

“Without Riel Canada would not be what Canada is today and it’s a country everyone wants to come to.”

Around 250 students from the Fort McMurray Public and Catholic Districts got the chance to learn more about Riel, the Mtis Sash, while also getting the chance to try jigging.

A reenactment was also done of Riel’s trial in Regina.

Loutitt says times have changed from when he was growing up.

“When we grew up we had to learn that learn that Riel was a rebel and all that and it sounded pretty negative and people tend to then shy away from their pride.”

He adds it’s important that students understand the facts about what truly happened all those years ago.

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