Kenney Calls Out Federal Government At Manning Centre Conference

Premier Jason Kenney is outlining a strategy to secure a fair deal for Alberta – within the Federation.

At the Manning Centre “What’s Next?” Conference on Saturday, Kenney said Albertans are expressing unprecedented levels of frustration with the federal government.

Speak to the crowd, Kenney says there are a number of barriers being placed in the path of Alberta’s economy.

“The cancellation of Northern Gateway, the killing of Energy East, the surrender to Obama’s veto of Keystone XL, the bumbling of Trans Mountain, the ‘no more pipelines’ law, the tanker ban. That is why we have a price differential that’s being expressed in practical terms.”

The Premier also announced the members and mandate for Alberta’s ‘Fair Deal’ panel.

Included in that panel will be MLA for Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo Tany Yao.

Kenney says the panel will look at how best to advance the province’s vital economic interests, such as the construction of energy pipelines.

The Premier says he’s seen first hand how the actions of the Federal Liberals are hurting Alberta.

“I’ve seen the faces of laid-off oil field workers and their families, local councillors who are dreading how to pay for public services as local tax revenues dried up, police officers and social workers and healthcare providers overwhelmed by the explosion of homelessness, crime and addiction.”

In a release, Opposition leader Rachel Notley called Kenney’s comment’s ‘dangerous’ – saying the Premier is intentionally stoking the fires of Western alienation.

“Instead of getting to work on the priorities of Albertans, getting the pipeline built, growing our economy and creating jobs, he is exploiting the real frustrations of everyday Albertans by sowing the seeds of separation with tired ideas from decades ago,” Notley said.

The Premier referenced actions already taken to stand up for Albertans – such as securing opposition to Bill C-69 from 9 of 10 provincial governments.

Kenney says they aren’t asking for special deal from the Federal Liberals – they’re asking for a fair one.

“They need to stop making it harder for us to jump start our economy. They need to understand they are killing the golden goose – they have both fists wrapped around the throat of that goose, the source of the gold that paid for the quality public services across Canada and they’re squeezing it hard.”

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