“This Decision Would Save Thousands of Lives” Province Looking At Presumed Consent For Organ Donation

There’s a good chance you’ll soon be an organ donor.

The provincial government is introducing legislation that would make everyone a donor unless they opt-out.

Currently, people would have to opt-in to allow their organs to be donated after they pass away.

Theresa Wells, who received a corneal transplant a year-and-a-half ago, tells Mix News the impact this could have is unmeasurable.

“The statistics show that while the vast majority support organ donations, the number of people who are actually registered as organ donations are very low. This is going to address that gap.”

If passed into law, Alberta would be just the second province and territory across Canada to have legislation in place.

Nova Scotia made headlines earlier this year when they introduced presumed consent legislation.

More countries are also looking into changing their laws. In England, all adults will be automatically put on the donor list in 2020 unless they opt-out.

“This decision, once adopted into law, would actually save thousands of lives and improve the lives of thousands more,” added Wells.

She adds this is the perfect middle ground as people who want to become a donor can do so easily, while those who don’t just have to fill out some papers.

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