Province Cracking Down On Rural Crime

The province is standing up for Rural Albertans – looking to give them a stronger voice in the justice system

On Wednesday, the province announced its plan to reduce response times, strengthen property rights, crackdown on metal theft and ensure the voices of Rural Alberta are heard.

Speaking to reporters, Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer says they are doing all they can to ensure people feel safe in rural communities.

“These measures will ensure that a criminal trespasser has no right of civil action against a law-abiding property owner who’s defending their property and their families against trespassers who are, or who they believe to be in the process of a criminal act.”

Planned legislation will see maximum fines for trespassers increase by five times.

The legislation would also amend the Petty Trespass Act to add explicit references to better capture land used for crops, animal-rearing and beekeeping.

Schweitzer says the measure of cracking down on metal theft will also make it harder for criminals to sell stolen property.

“You don’t appreciate copper wire theft and the extent and damage it does, not only to industry stakeholders but how it’s being monetized. We’re taking steps today to disrupt a flow of cash that’s going into organized crime and helping feed addiction across Alberta.”

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