Wexit Group Applying To Become Federal Party

A group looking to separate Alberta from the rest of Canada is taking the first step to become a federal political party.

Wexit Alberta has applied to Elections Canada, starting the verification process.

The group started gaining momentum shortly after the federal election in October which saw the Liberals win a minority government despite 33-out of 34 electoral districts in Alberta voting for the Federal Conservatives.

Multiple rallies have been held including one in Edmonton over the weekend.

Wexit Leader Peter Downing took to social media to announce the process of becoming a federal party.

He also called on Premier Jason Kenney to get behind the movement so he can become “the first President of Alberta.”

A spokesperson for Elections Canada says they’re currently checking to make sure the application is complete and all that they’ve submitted all the mandatory information.

After this is complete, Wexit will need to submit 250 signatures from members of the group.

According to Elections Canada, the group won’t be officially registered until they confirm a candidate in a general election or by-election.

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