Report: Mayor Scott Used Physical Force Against Councillor McGrath

A report by the RMWB’s Integrity Commissioner is concluding Mayor Don Scott used physical force against a Councillor at previous in-camera meeting.

On June 25, Wood Buffalo council, a lawyer advising council, and legislative staff were discussing an unknown topic.

According to the report, written by Integrity Commissioner Jim Peacock, Councillor Keith McGrath noted he hadn’t received a certain document which caused Scott to yell at him using profane language.

McGrath reportedly left the meeting before claiming Scott ‘laid his hands’ on him several times trying to stop him from leaving.

After apologizing and discussing the matter, the two rejoined the meeting.

McGrath later filed a complaint with Wood Buffalo RCMP, however, the Mounties advised against any charges after referring the matter to Alberta Justice, recommending he approach the Integrity Commissioner.

“The prosecutor ultimately concluded that, while the statements provided by the various witnesses appear to suggest that an assault had occurred, it was not in the public interest to institute an assault charge.”

He filed a complaint on July 4, however, Peacock didn’t receive it until August 7.

Scott would write McGrath an apology where he stated he could do better and is committed to doing so.

The mayor also made a public apology at council’s last meeting, also going on social media to denounce his actions.

“I treated a colleague in a way that was disrespectful, and I deeply regret my actions. My full intent is to do better in the future than I have done in the past, and that is my commitment to you – and to myself,” Scott said.

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