Fort McMurray Writer Pens Book Detailing Journey To North Korea

A local author is sharing his story about his trip to North Korea.

Stephen Harris is a Travel Journalist who’s been to nearly half the world’s countries and in 2017, decided to document his journey to one of the most mysterious and controversial.

Harris’s journey is detailed in his book “Travelling through North Korea: Adventures in the Hermit Kingdom”.

He tells Mix News overall, his experience in the country was an unforgettable one.

“People were just amazing actually, Harris said. “You can’t believe how beautiful this country is. When you think of North Korea, you think ‘nuclear weapons,’ and ‘terror,’ and ‘everyone is dying.’ But it was beautiful, you wouldn’t believe how gorgeous the cities are.”

The cover of Harris’s book. Photo courtesy: Stephen Harris

The book is filled with photos and examines the misconceptions and stereotypes revolving around the socialist state.

Harris adds his previous perception of North Korea could not have been more different.

“It’s a communist country and when you think of that, you think grey, square flats where a thousand people live in one place. But all the buildings were orange, blue and yellow. For example, the capital, Pyongyang is absolutely gorgeous.”

Harris adds the book is filled with surprises and quirky facts that may change some people’s perceptions.

He notes the country is nothing like what is described by the mainstream media.

“I didn’t feel that from anyone I spoke with. Everyone felt like ‘life is really okay,’ and of course, there are things I didn’t see but I think there’s a lot of misconceptions in the American media – I mean it is an American enemy so, that’s what you’re really getting a lot of coming back to you.”

You can purchase Harris’s book through his website.

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