Province Introducing New Carbon Fee For Energy Facilities

The provincial government is introducing a new $30-per-tonne carbon fee for energy facilities.

The GoA introduced Bill 19, the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Implementation Act, on Tuesday which outlines their plans to help manage greenhouse gas emissions.

Under the Bill, the province would create the new Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction, or TIER, system which will help facilities find innovative ways to reduce their emissions.

“We’re standing up for Alberta’s job creators, like oil and gas, by bringing forward TIER, which is a sensible, innovative approach to reducing emissions and protecting our shared environment,” said Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks, in a release.

“The system will help industries create emissions-reducing technologies and solutions that keep businesses competitive without the need for nickelling and diming Alberta families.”

Through the TIER system, oil and gas facilities that emit more than 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide must reduce their emissions by 10 per cent in 2020. They will also have to lower it by one per cent every year afterwards.

If companies don’t lower their emissions, they will be forced to pay the $30-per-tonne fee.

“Our province has a long history of investing in innovation, and TIER will enable Alberta to accelerate technologies that can reduce greenhouse gases, improve competitiveness and attract investment,” said Steve MacDonald, CEO of Emissions Reduction Alberta.

“These clean technology innovations help us grow Alberta’s existing industries, create new business opportunities and export the solutions the world needs.”

The province adds small and medium sized oil and gas facilities will also be allowed to go through the TIER system to avoid the federal carbon tax.

The TIER regulation is scheduled to come into effect on January 1, 2020.

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