NLHF Unveils New Diagnostic Imaging Equipment at Hospital

The Northern Lights Regional Health Centre is unveiling two new pieces of equipment to help kids take x-rays.

Multiple kids, who’ve donated money to the hospital, were given a tour on Tuesday by the Northern Lights Health Foundation.

They were also introduced to the two newest pieces to the diagnostic imaging department – a multi-positioning chair for infants and the Burton Bike.

“The Burton Bike looks just like a mountain bike and I think it could be fun for a kid to be on it when they have their x-ray taken,” said Joey Osmond, Co-Creator of Kash for Kids, in a release.

“I didn’t know the hospital had this really cool equipment and could do so much for kids right here.”

A big chunk of funding for the equipment was covered by the Fort McMurray Shrine Club who donated $15,000 and TELUS who’s employees directed a portion of their Payday Lottery funds to the project.

The DI department provides a wide range of services including ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT scans), and general radiography (x-ray).

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