Scott: New Federal Government Needs To Do More For RMWB, Province

Mayor Don Scott believes the federal government needs to repair the relationship with western Canada as fast as possible.

On Monday, Canadians voted to re-elect Liberal leader Justin Trudeau to once again be Prime Minister, this time in a minority government.

Despite the Liberal win, 33-out of 34 electoral districts in Alberta voted for the Federal Conservatives.

Speaking on Fort McMurray Matters, Scott says the west needs more support from Ottawa moving forward.

“They need to support the oilsands, they need to support the products this entire country produces and that’s a message the Premier’s delivered, it’s a message I delivered, and it’s a message the people of the west have delivered.”

Projects like Trans Mountain, something Trudeau has stated he’s committed to moving forward, could help ease tensions.

However, Scott notes this would only be start.

“It’s progress but its not everything. We need to shorten the timelines for how long it takes to get large projects approved, we need to make sure tankers can come into ports and get our product to markets – there just needs to be a lot faster action.”

As for locally, Scott hopes the federal government plays a bigger role across Wood Buffalo.

This could in the form of trips to the region to better support for the oilsands.

“I believe there needs to be a bigger federal investment in this region and a lot more work to establish a federal presence here because I don’t think the people of this region sense that right now.”

Meanwhile, Scott still hopes the federal government will commit funds to the East Clearwater Highway project.

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