McMurray Metis Calls Out RMWB On Lack Of Action Regarding Moccasin Flats

The RMWB is addressing the lack of response it’s had on the matter of Moccasin Flats.

On Wednesday, CEO of McMurray Metis Bill Loutit directly addressed Mayor Don Scott on the issue – during the RMWB’s Truth and Reconciliation Sharing Circle.

It’s been over a year since the report on Moccasin Flats was released – surrounding the evictions of Indigenous peoples from their homes in the 1970s and 80s.

During the event, Loutit directly asked Mayor Don Scott about why council has taken so long to address the matter and to demand an apology.

He tells Mix News while he’s been appreciative of Scott’s efforts – he’s concerned of possible collusion happening within council.

“Here was an opportunity for us to sit down, go through this process and move forward together. That’s the way it’s got to be done because we’re going to have to get along and work on riverfront development and downtown revitalization. We’ve got to be active participants in that.”

A letter sent to the RMWB’s CAO Annette Antoniak in August by McMurray Metis requested a land transfer of 4.3 acres near the Snye or Clearwater Rivers.

According to McMurray Metis, this land would be used to build their Metis Cultural Centre.

McMurray Metis CEO Bill Loutit addresses Mayor Don Scott at today’s Truth & Reconciliation Sharing Circle. Photo courtesy: McMurray Metis

Loutit adds while he doesn’t want to believe it – he feels the delays may be a matter of discrimination.

“We’ve got the truth. Now we want to see reconciliation,” Loutit said. “This is where council is dragging their feet. We’ve seen this before when we were before council and they voted against stuff that they’d support if it were a white group and if it’s native, there are certain councillors who vote against us.”

In a letter to McMurray Metis – RMWB CAO Annette Antoniak apologized for the delay and said this issue will be before council at their next meeting.

Antoniak says the matter was supposed to be before council early last week – but was cancelled due to a “lack of quorum.”

From Loutit’s perspective, he’s concerned this delay may be indicative of a lack of Indigenous or Metis presence within the municipality.

“When I go through that municipal office, there are thousands of employees and I don’t see one aboriginal. They dismantled the Indigenous Department. I take this as a threat, and I am not going to lay back and take it lightly.”

The next council meeting is not scheduled until November 19.

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