Film on Poverty, Homelessness Being Shown in Fort McMurray

A film focused on those without a home is coming to Fort McMurray.

‘US AND THEM’ is being shown in communities across North America and is making a stop in Wood Buffalo.

It focuses on writer and director Krista Loughton as she looks to help four individuals find their way off the street, while she overcomes issues plaguing her.

Loughton tells Mix News the film shows a different side many people aren’t accustomed to.

“If you ever walked past somebody on the street and thought ‘hey, I wonder what their life was like, how did they end up here’ this is a movie for you, it will show you that.”

The Poverty Reduction Network, run by local non-profits, is showing the film as more and more people across Wood Buffalo find themselves dealing with poverty.

According to the Wood Buffalo Wellness Society, around 20,000 people live below the poverty line which is set at $39,000 a year.

Loughton adds this is a crisis that shouldn’t be happening.

“I just looked at people that were sleeping on the street and just thought it was absurd in a country with so much wealth that there would be people sleeping on the cold sidewalks and with no place to go.”

The film will be shown on Tuesday at the Oil Sands Discovery Centre at 6 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased online.

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