RMWB To Conduct Municipal Census For 2020

The RMWB is planning another municipal census for 2020.

Following a census that was conducted last year – the municipality found that the population in the region had declined by 10.67 per cent.

However, numbers from the Fort McMurray Public and Catholic School Districts show around a 10 per cent increase in enrollment.

On Tuesday, council voted unanimously to conduct another census to verify those numbers.

Mayor Don Scott tells Mix News the more people living in the RMWB – the more money the region will receive.

“I expect we’re going to see an increase but we need to figure out the correct number. We get more money with more people living in the region so, there’s a great reason to do this census which is every time we can show there are more people living here, we get a bigger cheque from the other levels of government.”

The 2018 census was the first conducted in the region since before the wildfire took place.

It showed the total population to be 111,687 – with 75,009 across Fort McMurray and the rural hamlets and another 36,678 for our shadow population.

Scott adds he expects the next census to show numbers that are more in-line with what the school boards are showing.

“With what’s happening in the region, I’m expecting an increase. There are more work opportunities, I’m certainly meeting a lot of people who are moving here so, such a place of opportunity. Let’s get the numbers right, let’s see where the trend is and see where we have to work to get more people moving here.”

Scott believes if the school board numbers are up – there should be no reason our population is declining.

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