Oil Sector Remains Top Salary Earner Across Country

The oil and gas sector continues to earn the highest wage among all sectors across Canada.

According to Statistics Canada, the average weekly salary for employees in July was over $2,054. The utilities sector came in second averaging just over $1,873 a week.

The oil sector is seeing a slight dip in salary as employees made around $2,077 around the same time last year.

This is the third biggest drop behind the arts and company management.

The accommodation and food services sector came in at the bottom with workers averaging just over $400 a week.

As for Alberta, the average Albertan brings in around $1,150 a week, the highest among all of the provinces.

However, people working in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut had the biggest weekly wage, bringing in around $1,396.

Canada, as a whole, came in around $1,026 weekly.

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