Federal Judge Blocks Alberta’s ‘Turn Off Taps’ Bill

A federal judge is blocking Alberta’s attempt to block oil exports to British Colombia.

Bill 21, the Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act, was proclaimed by the provincial government shortly after being elected.

The bill, also known as ‘turn off the taps,’ gives the government the authority to require companies to obtain a licence before exporting energy products from Alberta through pipeline, rail, or truck.

The B.C. government quickly challenged the law noting it’s unconstitutional.

In a written decision, the court granted B.C.’s injunction stating the province would suffer ‘irreparable harm.’

“It has shown that the validity of the Act raises a serious issue,” the decision read. “It has demonstrated that an embargo of the nature evoked by the members of Alberta’s legislature when debating the Act would cause irreparable harm to the residents of British Columbia.”

It also notes the damage B.C. would receive would be far worse than any inconvenience that the injunction might impose on Alberta.

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