Kenney Voices Concerns On International Investment Following U.S. Trip

Premier Jason Kenney was in the U.S. last week reminding investors that Alberta is open for business.

That was the Premier’s message during his trip south of the border – which included stops in New York, Ohio and Canada’s east coast.

Kenney detailed the trip during a press conference on Monday in Calgary.

Speaking to reporters, he feels a re-election of the Trudeau government would likely lead to a continued freeze on our energy sector from international investors.

“It’s my job, one way or another to deal with whoever wins the Federal election and I will obviously respect the outcome and try to work productively with whoever is elected. We will continue here in Alberta to do everything we can to get the job-creating investment back here but I am concerned that job will be more difficult if there is a second Trudeau term.”

The premier’s trip was part of his strategy to drive investment to Alberta and stimulate economic growth in the province.

Kenney notes the lack of pipeline construction as the main cause for investor concern.

“That’s what they (investors) are saying. They said they’re tired of a Federal government that is attacking the sector which we’re asking them to invest in. And they need to see our ability to ship energy, not just to the U.S., but to global markets to increase the price here and increase the value proposition of investing.”

The Premier adds despite these concerns – investor interest in our energy sector remains.

“To be honest with you, many of them flagged concerns about the prospective re-election of the Trudeau government and what that would imply for certainty and pipeline construction and major energy infrastructure.”

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