Cooler Temperatures Fast Approaching as Fall Season Officially Underway

It’s the first day of fall and you can expect conditions to start to feel that way.

That’s according to Environment Canada who is forecasting cooler temperatures through this week – with a possibility we may even experience our first snowfall.

Meteorologist Justin Patten tells Mix News while this past weekend was above normal – we will likely feel a shift sometime this week.

“As we know in Alberta, we can get a mixed bag of everything moving into the fall,” Patten said. “It’s a good idea for people to be prepared for anything, from snow to the odd thunderstorm lingering around and things of that nature.”

Patten notes we can expect slightly below-average temperatures for the first official week of the season.

He adds we might even see some flurries at some point this week.

“Normal temperature this year for our area are around 13 degrees for the high about two degrees for an overnight low. There’s even an outside chance that by the end of this week we might even see a flurry or two.”

Patten says now that fall has officially arrived – he recommends residents to be prepared for the changing conditions.

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