Report: 30 Per Cent Of Local Workforce in Oil Sector

To no ones’ surprise, a big chunk of people living in Wood Buffalo work in the oil and gas sector.

A report released earlier this month by the Oil Sands Community Alliance notes around 30 per cent of the local workforce works in the oilsands.

This number has barely changed over the past eight years.

OSCA Policy Analyst Shafak Sajid tells Mix News it’s safe to say this won’t be changing anytime soon.

“It’s not surprising, in Wood Buffalo oil and gas is one of the major sectors so a large percentage of the workforce will always be tied to that sector.”

Sajid adds, despite the downturn in the economy, the oil sector continues to help people find work locally.

“Unemployment is obviously higher than 2012 or 2013 levels but it’s still lower than the provincial average and Medicine Hat, Edmonton, etc.”

Construction had the second highest percentage of the local workforce, coming in at 10 per cent, followed by retail at eight per cent.

The three sectors combined just about make up half of Wood Buffalo’s workforce.

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