Maggie Farrington Officially Kicks Off Liberal Campaign For Fort McMurray-Cold Lake

The CEO of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation has officially thrown her hat into the ring for the October Federal Election.

On Tuesday, Maggie Farrington officially kicked off her campaign to run as the Liberal candidate for the riding of Fort McMurray-Cold Lake.

She tells Mix News it’s time for a change in the representation of our riding in Parliament.

“Some more forward-thinking strategic leadership that will increase investment, opportunities, job creation and take that balanced approach of also being mindful of the environment.”

At Farrington’s campaign office, a wall of images has been posted featuring negative tweets that have been directed at her since she announced her intent to run back in August.

Since her announcement, Twitter users have been directing misogynistic rhetoric at her – something she says is only adding fuel to her fire.

“The vile viciousness of that wall of misogyny. Seeing those comments really brings it to life because if you just say ‘people say mean things to me online,’ – you don’t get it until you read it,” Farrington said. “So, I really invite those who weren’t able to come down tonight to come down to our campaign office and we look forward to having that conversation with you.”

Farrington is looking to join the ballot against incumbent David Yurdiga and Matthew Barrett of the People’s Party of Canada.

If elected, she says balancing the local economy would be top of mind.

“Number one priority is always building the economy, strengthening our economy, stimulating job creation and definitely focusing on benefitting the lives of all constituents in Fort McMurray-Cold Lake.”

Farrington ultimately feels her experience in the region has given her the ability to lead the riding and keep people’s best interests in mind.

“Take a chance on Maggie, I’ve been in the region for over seven years now and I have a proven record in this region of being a strong leader who can make a change. And that’s exactly what Fort McMurray-Cold Lake needs.”

Election Day is October 21.

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