Council Votes Unanimously To Demolish Anzac Community Hall

The heart of Anzac is set to be demolished.

On Tuesday, council held a special meeting in the hamlet – where they voted unanimously to demolish the building and sell the land to the Anzac Recreation & Social Society for a nominal fee.

Council heard a number of presentations from delegates – including the Anzac Recreation & Social Society, members of the Anzac Junior Leaders – Scouts and a number of other community members.

Vice President of the Society Vanessa Hodgson tells Mix News the hall has been a staple in the community for many years.

“Community members that sat in this very room today put their heart, and time away from their families, vacation days off work to build this, to make it the fabric of our community. So, it’s nice to bring that back, bring it back to the community to be owned by the community and run by the community. I think it’s amazing.”

The current hall was closed last year due to mold and structural damage.

Mayor Don Scott addresses delegates at council’s special meeting in Anzac. Photo by: Brandon Piper//Harvard Broadcasting

Hodgson says the decision by council helps to address a number of the community’s needs.

“Community members with brand new babies that need immunizations, seniors that have no access to get here because they may not have a vehicle. So, location is important, bridging the gaps of needs, having non-profit groups putting money back into programming and not losing money in rental fees.”

The municipality notes demolition of the current hall will cost approximately $335,000.

President of the Society Chad Shkopich says they’re very pleased with council’s decision to proceed with a new hall.

“I think it’ll put smiles on people’s faces again. It’s not the original hall but it’s a place that we can call home. The recreation centre is a place where people can come and gather around but it’s not the same as what we’ve had in the past.”

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