Third Wettest Summer on Record for Fort McMurray

The amount of rain we’ve received over the summer is now one for the record books.

According to Environment Canada, we received 355 mm of rain over June, July, and August – marking third most in Wood Buffalo’s history.

This is the wettest summer since 1973 – a span of 46 years.

Meteorologist Sarah Hoffman tells Mix News it was a total different story for communities in southern Alberta.

“It was quite wet in other parts of central and northeastern Alberta but a place like Medicine Hat had their thirtieth driest on record.”

Environment Canada doesn’t follow the usual schedule for seasonal changes. Their summer is from June 1 to August 31 meaning the rainfall we received on Wednesday will be a part of their fall data.

Despite the early wet weather, Hoffman says the next three months might be a lot more pleasant.

“When we look out to October and November our long range models are saying that temperatures will be a little bit warmer than normal.”

She adds their long-range forecasts aren’t as accurate so there’s a possibility this could change.

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